Finding a Way by Diane Simmons

Published by Ad Hoc Fiction

After being born, the only certain thing in life is death.  All of us will get there, and many will watch loved ones go before us.  In Finding a Way, Diane Simmons shows us how a loss is experienced and navigated by four different people in the family of someone who dies way before their time.  


Made up of 51 flash fictions­­–that can be dipped into and read alone, or all in one sitting– there is gut-punching prose here that will resonate with many.  The platitudes and inept ramblings of well-meaning folk, the mis-timed reminders, the achings of “what might have beens”––each is a perfectly painted portrait of love, grief, and what comes after those things.


I found the honesty amazing and, this being written by Diane who is a formidable flash fiction writer of great pedigree, I felt in safe hands, realising the words I was reading came very much from a place of experience and depth.