Break the Block, Find the Story - Notebook Filler

All on Thursdays, 6pm to 8pm UK/10am LA/1pm Chicago/2pm NY - Dates for 2022 listed below.

£10 for two hours.

Fun, fast-pace, very productive Zoom writing prompt class to fill your notebook and find stories.  Mid session "breakout breather" to chat and discuss work. Send a story from your notes after for a chance to win 1/5th of the total session fees, plus free workshops.  Pay at button and then email me to let me know which date you are booking for.  Full details will be sent. 

10th February

7th April

2nd June

28th July

6th October

1st December


Break the Block Thu 29th Apr 2020 - Results

Some really great stories in this round, which I enjoyed reading. The winner had a real sense of irony and subtle humour below the text.  The runner up had a bittersweet edge.

Congrats to the two prize winners and thank you to all who entered. The next Break the Block will be on Thursday 8th July at 6pm until 8pm.  All welcome.  Please book using the button above.

1st Prize - Donna M Day - The Tea Monkeys - £20

2nd Prize - Nora Nadjarian - When Done, Scoop Eggs Out of Pan - 2hr Workshop

3rd Prize - Michele Hart - Mum - Feedback on story

Break the Block Thu 15th Oct 2020 - Results

Thanks to everyone who entered this round of the competition.  It's always a thrill to see what you come up with from the prompts on the night.  As last time, I really enjoyed reading them.  They are read blind with the help of my other half, so it is all fair and square.  My choices are based on 5 criteria: Opening, Character, Plot, Ending and Language.  I give each story a tick if in my humble opinion it stood out from the others in each of those categories.  This causes some crossovers of course, so I read the ones with the most ticks again, rating them a second time against each other on the same list.  Thanks for making my job so hard!  Without further ado, the results are below. 

1st Prize - Nikki Davison - His Apartment - £20

2nd Prize - Donna M Day - Life - 2hr Workshop

3rd Prize - Valerie Griffin - The Catalyst - 1hr Workshop

Commended - Michele Hart - Parallel Freedom

Break the Block Fri 24th July 2020 - Results

1st Prize - Susan Comer - Heirloom (£20)

2nd Prize - Michele Hart - Untitled (2 hr workshop)

3rd Prize - Donna M Day - Untitled (1 hr workshop)

Commended - Lauren Leach-Steffens - Novel extract 

Thanks so much to all the entrants.  I really enjoyed judging it and loved the variety of tales!