Break the Block, Find the Story - Notebook Filler

6pm to 8pm UK/10am LA/1pm Chicago/2pm NY - Next Date TBC

£10 for two hours.

Fun, fast-pace, very productive Zoom writing prompt class to fill your notebook and find stories.  Mid session "breakout breather" to chat and discuss work. Send a story from your notes after for a chance to win 1/5th of the total session fees, plus free workshops.  Pay at button. Full details will be sent. 


Break the Block Thu 15th Oct 2020 - Results

Thanks to everyone who entered this round of the competition.  It's always a thrill to see what you come up with from the prompts on the night.  As last time, I really enjoyed reading them.  They are read blind with the help of my other half, so it is all fair and square.  My choices are based on 5 criteria: Opening, Character, Plot, Ending and Language.  I give each story a tick if in my humble opinion it stood out from the others in each of those categories.  This causes some crossovers of course, so I read the ones with the most ticks again, rating them a second time against each other on the same list.  Thanks for making my job so hard!  Without further ado, the results are below. 

1st Prize - Nikki Davison - His Apartment - £20

2nd Prize - Donna M Day - Life - 2hr Workshop

3rd Prize - Valerie Griffin - The Catalyst - 1hr Workshop

Commended - Michele Hart - Parallel Freedom

Break the Block Fri 24th July 2020 - Results

1st Prize - Susan Comer - Heirloom (£20)

2nd Prize - Michele Hart - Untitled (2 hr workshop)

3rd Prize - Donna M Day - Untitled (1 hr workshop)

Commended - Lauren Leach-Steffens - Novel extract 

Thanks so much to all the entrants.  I really enjoyed judging it and loved the variety of tales!


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