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Couldn't make one of my workshops and don't want to miss out?


All my workshops will be available as an email/correspondence course after the live Zoom sessions for the same price of £15. These will take the form of a pdf and will be the exact same workshops so you can do it in your own time as if you were attending the live session.  Full instructions will be provided, along with all the exercises and timings we used in the group.  The idea is for you to set aside your own 2 hour slot of time and do the session as if you attended. This will ensure you get the most out of it.  All exercises are timed, with several writing sections each workshop, along with study and discussion of writing forms.

You will be able to message or email me at any point if you have questions, and are encouraged to send me what you produce in the workshop for full feedback if you wish.

This email workshop is ideal if you were unable to attend the workshop, or even if you want a refresher afterwards, to keep and to continue to work on.  All sessions available will be noted here as they become available.  Simply book via the button, and then. email me at to let me know which workshop you would like.  I will send it back by return of email.





UK                                                                                               USA



Workshops Available:


Spectacular Starts – How to Grab Hold and Not let Go – 2 hour workshop in 3 parts.

Kickstart 2021 – Reflect on 2020 and Purge the Negative to Start Your Writing Year - 2 hour workshop in 3 parts.

Coming Soon - What Makes a Great Story - 2 hour workshop

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