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City Voices Stoke Creative Writers Group.


So, who are City Voices? We are an eclectic and inclusive creative writing group based in Stoke on Trent. Our fortnightly meetings are in Hanley Library (1st floor) from 11.40am - 13.40am. A full list of dates is in the menu.  In 2016 we celebrate our 10th anniversary and we are  looking for new members and contributors who love to write. The group is informal and friendly; some of our members are published authors, playwrights and poets, and we publish our own anthology. If you want to see the the events we take part in, as a group and as individuals, please have a look at our Blog. If you love to write only for fun, well that's just fine!  I am Vice Chair of this group.

Sue Fell Art - Facebook Page

This is a place to view and read about Sue's wonderful oil paintings.

Relatively new to oils, Sue has been exhibited and sold some of her paintings.  She is working on new inspirations all the time and we are working on a collaboration of her art and my stories.  More information as it progresses.

Please visit and Like her page.

Vivid Arc - June Palmer, Poet

June is the Treasurer and Media Manager of my writing group, City Voices, and is also a gifted poet.  This website chronicles her writing escapades, let's you know what she has coming up, and also lets you read a few of her poems.


 Well worth a visit.  You can contact June via the form on her page.

The Short Story - The home to Short Fiction

Delve into the world of short fiction by exploring The Short Story, a website with a passion for examining and promoting all forms of short prose fiction. 

Paul McVeigh - Short Story Opportunities, Free Reads, Articles on Writing

In my opinion, the only resource you will ever need if you are a writer trying to raise your profile.  Every competition, every literary journal submission opportunity, every piece of advice you will ever need.... Time to relax because Paul has it covered!

Dianne Ebertt Beeaff - Blog

Poet, short story writer, artist and award winning novelist, Dianne is also a personal friend of mine.  This is her blog where you will find details of all her publications, examples of her artwork, and her general musings...

Stephanie Hutton - Writer

Stephanie loves and writes short fiction which she scribbles in a variety of notebooks strewn across her house.  She is a Clinical Psychologist raising three children in a hectic, neurodiverse family in the UK.

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