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If you can’t make it to one of my local workshops, you can do one from your own home by signing up to my Online Live workshops, which can be done via video or text .  You can do these by yourself or bring some friends (book or reading group, social club etc) at a blended discount rate.  Other people may be on the session too.*  It will be fun!

The workshops are simple to book.  Please follow the guidelines below.

Step 1. Click on the relevant button.  £20 for the first person, and £10 for each subsequent person.  Example if it is you and one other person, please book yourself for £20 and your guest for £10, giving you a blended discount of £15 each. The more people you bring the greater the saving. (You will need to click the buttons once for each booking).

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Step 2. Choose from the list of available workshops at the bottom of the page.  This list is expanding all the time and there will be more appearing. I can also tailor-make one to your own specification.  

Step 3. Email or contact me on messenger or the chat feature on this website to discuss what you need. Dates that I am free to do workshops are available here.  When you have paid and decided which date/time/workshop you want, simply forward the receipt you get from PayPal to, letting me know the details of the workshop you want.

Please give me at least 48 hours if you want to book a session. Longer would be great!  If you are submitting something for me to read ahead of the workshop, at least a week's notice is required.  Thanks.

Workshops available (this list is not exhaustive and I can also tailor make a workshop for you).  More titles will be added.

Let's Create - Time to Write - designed to get maximum output from you during the workshop. For polishing at a later date. All workshops will have their main focus on productivity, with the following subjects also:

What is Flash Fiction? - How to write a story with a beginning, middle and end in 1000 words or fewer, with examples of the form and time to create and look at our own pieces during the session. Get tips on where to send them.

How to be a Fearless Editor - Learn the skills needed to edit brutally.  Cut out large chunks of words when you absolutely need to (when an editor or an expected word count insists on it), without spoiling your story.

Writing a Novella in Flash Part One - The Novella in Flash is an exciting new form that is growing in popularity.  This workshop discusses and explains what a Novella in Flash is, and helps you get one started, with brainstorming for ideas and exercises to begin the process and get the project underway.  With plenty of writing time.

Writing a Novella in Flash Part Two - In this session we will delve deeper into the novella, and show ways of finding common ground and connections, the “connective tissue” of the novella.  Prompts and ideas to get lots of flashes started that we can link together.  With more writing time, and help with any issues, we will get your novella in flash well on the way.  We will also discuss where you can submit your novella when completed.

Flash Through Your Novel - Finding it hard to get time and space to write your WIP?  Take two hours out with me for a workshop designed to give you time to knuckle down.  We will discuss how to use flash fiction techniques to improve your longer work/novel, but the focus will be on putting words onto the page.

Elements of a Short Story - Generate ideas and learn how to construct a short story and where to send it.

From First Idea to Second Draft - Identify the positives and negatives of your story, decide what to cut and what to keep, and polish it ready for submission. 

Emotional Writing - How to approach personal, raw, and emotive subjects.  With tricks and exercises to help us over the hurdle of fear that we often have when contemplating writing like this.  We will read examples, learn how to identify and draw out the important subjects to write about, how to treat them, and how to bravely present them to the world. This workshop will deal with both fiction and creative non-fiction.  With examples and readings of emotional pieces.

Developing Your Voice and Working on Your Project - Work on something you have started previously.  We will focus on your style and voice and work on developing your project.  We will have plenty of time to write, and to discuss and give and receive advice.

Submitting to Journals and Competitions - Looking at the best competitions and journals to submit to, talking about what they are looking for and how to get your writing "submission ready".  With time to write.

Plotting Your Story - So you have an idea.  What happens next?  Looking at what makes a great story or novel, and how to write something that readers will not able to put down.  With time to write and brainstorm ideas, plot points and characters.

Furious Flashing - The focus in this workshop is writing!  At least three prompts so you can start new projects tow rod on further later. A very productive session.

A Novel Idea (or Short Story or Flash) - Getting the basics of an idea hashed out and started.  We will talk about characters and how best to explore or develop them, what the best plot ideas are, and how to move the story forward using all the necessary elements to make a great page turner.

How to Look For and Find Inspiration - Two hours of tips and tricks for looking for writing inspiration every day.  I will give you ideas and we will work to prompts to produce as much as possible in the session.

Translating Your Ideas Into Fiction - work on those dreams, conversations, ideas from news stories, memories from the past, and turn them into great fiction.

Tailor Made Workshop - We can do a workshop made to your specifications, talking about any aspects of writing that you may be having problems with, or would like advice on.  We can spend time working on a specific project or work on something new.  You call the shots - make your own workshop!

Reading and Critique - You can submit something for me to read before the One on One session (£5 for a flash fiction under 500 words and £15 for 500 to 2500 words).  We will talk about your work during the session, I will give you feedback and we can work on polishing it and getting it ready for submission.  Time to write and improve it and to read your edited version. I will make suggestions for where you can send it.

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*PLEASE NOTE: Once one person has booked a particular workshop, this will be logged in the CALENDAR and anyone else is welcome to book onto it, so please be aware that it is possible (but not over likely) that your session will have other people on it. Please be assured that the quality of the workshop will not be compromised either way.  There are benefits to both One on Ones and Group workshops.  Group workshops have the vibe of a local, in person workshop, and we can hear other people’s contributions and input.  One on Ones mean that we concentrate more on you, and they are slightly more flexible on the day should you wish to dictate or change the content.



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