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And the Winner Is....

On the day of the prize giving ceremony for the "Too Write" competition - which was held in the Science Block of the University - I was nervously drinking Prosecco (large ones in wine glasses!) and playing pool to distract myself and to make the time pass. I had never been a finalist for my writing before, so even though this was hardly the Oscars, to me it was important. My mum and dad went along and had a great day with lovely food and a performance by Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy.

At about 2pm Croatian time, I got a message on Messenger from my mum. I had won! I thought that not being able to be there might go against me, but I guess it is not how these things work and I did win! Needless to say Keith and I were overjoyed and we celebrated with another glass or two of Prosecco!

My prize included Kindle Fire (which now goes with me to City Voices Writers Group in my bag - it's great for when I have to do a reading), a mug with my name on by contest judge and local potter Emma Bridgewater, and a signed copy of "Somewhere to Hide" by Mel Sherratt (she of crime writing and saying my story reminder her of her own work fame!). Not too shabby a prize - plus I got a mention in the local paper and my parents got their photo in there.

(Below.... my prizes!)

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