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Beautiful Brewdog

Keith and I have in the last twelve months discovered a new passion – Brewdog beer. It all started one day when Keith picked up a bottle of Brewdog Punk IPA from Sainsburys instead of his normal beer. One taste and we were both hooked – it’s as simple as that. Aside from wine, I am usually a lager drinker but this IPA is so refreshing, citrusy and not too gassy. It goes down a treat!

We discovered that the company was selling equity. And their ethos and fun spirit was very appealing. You can find out more if you want to by going to their website, but suffice it to say that we bought the minimum shares each, and we are never going to be millionaires, but the main thing is we are having fun with our investment. We get discount at their bars and when buying merchandise… so of course we just have to visit regularly to make sure the standards are kept up!

Our favourite bar is Manchester, mainly because it is the closest to us and easiest to get to, but we have been to Birmingham too. I keep saying we should go on a UK tour, and then further afield to Europe (they have many bars all over Europe) but for now we will stick with Manchester and Birmingham.

It’s always a treat to go there for a couple of pints and something to eat. The food is not gourmet but is very nice and goes down well with the drink!

We will be making many more visits.

Below: Our beloved Punk IPA

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