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Monday Musings - Finding a Balance

Just a short blog post today because I have been away from the writing desk for most of the day. Yesterday we had my mum over to stay and it was lovely to have her. She arrived in glorious sunshine and the sun is still out now. I am always happiest when the sun is out.

I didn’t get to do my usual Monday writing because we went to see my dad in his care home. He’s been in care for almost a year now! It’s a shock to realise that it has been that long. There has been such a change in him in the months that have passed. It’s hard to imagine what it is like inside his head, but today – at least – he seemed to have a good day and after the initial emotional moment when he first saw us, he was happy and settled. He was tired, but responsive, watching snooker and eating quite a bit of dinner. He loved the baked potato flesh mixed with butter and cheese, and of course his chocolate cake and custard.

So… this last year… it’s been hard to get into a routine of writing because life has been an emotional roller coaster. There are things I have missed out on doing, and there are days, weeks, months that I have stared at a blank white screen and not been able to get anything out. I guess it is all about finding a balance of what’s going on at and away from the writing desk. A matter of finding ways to meld the two. If any of you have any tips please let me know.

Hope your week has started well, and long may this weather last.

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