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The 10:25 - A novella-in-Flash

Welcome aboard the 10:25 to Manchester, where Train Manager Malcolm is working his last shift. His world is falling apart, and what waits for him after his shift is unthinkable, but before he leaves, he has to spend one last day with the people who’ve moved through his world and through his train every day for years.


They’re all different and have their unique problems, but they’re also the same, because if there’s one thing life does, it’s kick everyone with equal ferocity. It’s how everyone deals with it that matters.


Follow Malcolm through his train and catch glimpses of jilted lovers, unrequited teens, grieving sons, and hopeful romancers, all interwoven with the story of Malcolm’s family, and the most difficult thing he’s ever had to do.


The 10:25 is about how appearances can mislead; how people’s lives are bubbling under the surface; and how love, kindness, and respect are everything.


‘Like being plunged headfirst into a giddying stream of consciousness, Voisey’s writing intrigues, startles and dazzles from the off.’

David Gaffney, author of Sawn-Off Tales, Aromabingo, The Half-Life of Songs and More Sawn-Off Tales.


‘A clever, fresh take on the “train-carriage novel”. Debbi Voisey links up the characters’ diverse experiences with her trademark mix of tenderness, grief and love. Just the ticket!’

Michael Loveday, author of Three Men on the Edge.

Only About Love - A novella-in-Flash

There’s no such thing as a perfect family. A perfect life. A perfect man.


Frank is proof of this. He’s everyman and yet as unique as a fingerprint. With a wonderful wife and children who are the loves of his life, he couldn’t ask for anything more. But time and time again he keeps risking it all.


In snapshots through time, Only About Love takes a sweeping loop around Frank’s life as he navigates courtship, marriage, fatherhood and illness. Told through the perspectives of Frank and his family, this story is one of intense honesty about the things we do to those closest to us.

‘Debbi Voisey delivers the conjuring trick of the novella-in-flash using all her gifts as a storyteller: the individual chapters accumulate to produce something substantial and profound.’ – Michael Loveday, author of Three Men on the Edge

‘Debbi Voisey’s writing is breathless, red-raw and brutally honest.’ – Tracy Fells, 2017 Regional Winner (Canada & Europe) Commonwealth Short Story Prize

‘Gut wrenching, heart-warming, playful with time, language, and memory; a gathering of special moments relived that remind us that time is never on our side so to make the most of it whilst we have it.’ – Lisa Blower, author of Pondweed

You can buy Only About Love from the Publisher's website, or from wherever you buy your books.

The Collection: Flash Fiction for Flash Memory Book Cover


This special anthology is the first one created to deliver that special magic to adults struggling with memory loss, their families, friends and caregivers.  I am so proud to be a part of it.

Read flash fiction by established and emerging writers from the United States and the United Kingdom who come with a rainbow of backgrounds — organic farmers and backyard chicken farmers, a retired judge, university professors, visual artists, poets, actors and screenwriters, musicians, dog lovers, pastry chefs, a handful of bartenders, a former morgue attendant, obituary writer— each one with a compelling story to tell.

Enjoy the evocative photographs that accompany several stories. Images touch the heart in a way that words and the mind cannot reach.

So, dive in, read to your loved one, and share with family and friends.

Connect, converse and share the magic of storytelling!

“Peer through the window into a world of emotions. From the aching loss on a one-lane bridge to the tangled memories that fill an empty box, each story in this collection leads you step by step through heartache and hope, until you realize that you’re not looking through a window at all, but into a mirror.” —Monica Sanchez, PhD, Co-editor, Storytelling: Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Perspectives."

Flash Fiction Festival One Book Cover


Seventy-four micro-fictions written by presenters and participants at the first ever literary festival entirely dedicated to flash fiction, held in Bath, June 2017. These short-short stories, 250 words or under, show the wide variety of styles possible in this emerging genre.

Most of the UK’s top flash fiction writers and teachers offered workshops and talks and readings at the Flash Fiction Festival: David Gaffney, Tania Hershman, Calum Kerr, David Swann, Vanessa Gebbie, Kit de Waal, Paul McVeigh, Peter Blair, Ashley Chantler, KM Elkes, Meg Pokrass, Jude Higgins, Christopher Fielden and Michael Loveday. Plus distinguished international guest and leading exponent of the form, Pamela Painter, from the United States.

My flash entitled "Dirty" is included in this wonderfully diverse book.  It's so great that I have since come to know a lot of the people who have pieces within these pages quite well.

“It was a wonderful assembly of authors and editors and ‘students’ – though the students already seemed like authors.”
—Pamela Painter

Ellipsis Zine One Book Cover



My latest published story appears in Ellipsis Zine: One, a flash fiction anthology. 1,000 words or fewer, from 57 of the best contemporary flash fiction writers.

Life, love, friendship, solitude and death – as well as the introduction to a boy with chainsaws for arms – are just some of the themes covered within the beautifully crafted words of: David Alexander, Charles Allison, Stephanie Bento, Danny Beusch, Mark Dixon, Nick Black, J. Bradley, Sian Brighal, J. S. Chlapowski, F E Clark, Nicholas Cook, Christina Dalcher, Christopher M Drew, Joely Dutton, Caleb Echterling, Samuel J Fox, Melissa Goode, Bibi Hamblin, Lee Hamblin, Janelle Hardacre, Jennifer Harvey, Stephanie Hutton, Stephen Jackman, Jason Jackson, Maggie Jankuloska, Eleanor Jones, Gaynor Jones, Karen Jones, Jan Kaneen, Nathalie Kernot, Tyrel Kessinger, Kathy Lanzarotti, Janis Lane, Lucie McKnight Hardy, Louise Mangos, Zoë Meager, Chris Milam, Damhnait Monaghan, Alexandria Nicole, Richard de Nooy, Eilise Norris, Clodagh O’Brien, Simon Pinkerton, Amanda Quinn, Victoria Richards, Mark Sadler, JY Saville, T. L. Sherwood, Federica Silvi, Noa Sivan, Sophie Stern, Cathy Ulrich, Debbi Voisey, Sarah Wallis, Sophie Watson, Brandy Wilkinson and Yael van der Wouden.

“The stories are sometimes utterly shocking and sometimes heartbreaking, but flow together fluidly. There is something in here for everyone to relate to personally and appreciate as art.”

“This joyous collection of written pieces explores many aspects of life. The stories creep around in your mind, subtly opening doors and cupboards that you thought were closed.”

A Box of Stars Beneath the Bed Book Cover



My flash fiction, Clippers, is one of 50 stories and special commissions in the National Flash Fiction Day 2016 Anthology - A Box of Stars Beneath the Bed. 

An anthology of flash-fictions to celebrate National Flash-Fiction Day (UK), showcasing the very best on offer in this small literary form. The tales cross genres from horror to romance, from fantasy to dark reality, but each one will cause a new star to shine in your imagination. Authors include: Sarah Hilary, Angela Readman, Claire Fuller, Paul McVeigh, Santino Prinzi, Nik Perring, Meg Pokrass, Michelle Elvy, Tim Stevenson, Debbie Young, Kevlin Henney, Nuala Ní Chonchúir and NFFD Director, Calum Kerr.

(This collection is) ...Brilliant, provocative, quirky, interesting and at times very funny.

Amazon reader review

Bath Flash Fiction Award 2015 Book Cover



My first published story, "Death in the Nest" appears in the Bath Short Story Award Anthology 2015 after making the longlist of that year's competition.


There are 20 stories in this anthology incuding mine, taken from the shortlist and selected longlist titles.


You can purchase a copy from Amazon UK by clicking on the link below.

These winning stories and other selected ones in the 2015 collection, 'deal with the way we live in all corners of the world; diversity in action and emotion.'

Carrie Kania, literary agent and 2015 Bath Short Story Award shortlist judge


I very much enjoyed this book, although it did leave me feeling rather sad. All writers featured were  fantastic.

Amazon reader review

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