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11th January 2024


Time to Write Member

Joining Time To Write Club was the best decision I made in 2023. In the last three months my productivity has increased and I look forward to sitting down to write in the mornings and evenings. Debbi is so friendly and encouraging, as are all the other members of the group. The Monday Prompts session is great fun, and has given me several ideas for longer stories, and the chance to receive feedback on work in the Friday sessions is invaluable. Can't recommend TTW highly enough. And, as an added bonus, it's unbelievably good value for money!

11th January 2024


Time to Write Member

Debbi Voisey is a knowlegable and perceptive writing tutor and host. She has a lively and informal approach which prioritises enjoyment. Time to Write Club has revolutionised my writing practice as it helps me commit to projects and gives a regular ‘water-cooler’ moment to share creative news. It is incredible value and I love the community that has formed within it, and the chance to explore criticism and different genres through the structured meetings. Debbi offers a variety of workshops and events as Dublin Writer. Highly recommended.

11th January 2024


Time to Write Member

My writing has benefited enormously from numerous workshops with Debbi. These include regular writing sessions based on prompts, from a wide variety of stimulating published flashes, and critiquing discussions of published fiction that have broadened my knowledge and understanding of what works and why.   I can always rely on Debbi for encouragement, support and insightful feedback.

24th September 2020



I met Debbi virtually through one of her on-line workshops at the beginning of lockdown.  She is an engaging facilitator with a wealth of knowledge that she shares willingly and openly.  I have since attended a couple of her other workshops and social gatherings and have always come away feeling positive  and full up with ideas I can carry on working on.

I trust Debbi implicitly and asked her to take a look at a novella-in-flash I am working on.  I've never written one before but Debbi has been guiding me through the process and introduced me to new ways of writing the material in a rich and engaging way.

Debbi holds your hand through the process.  When I asked her to work with me on my flashes, she developed bespoke exercises which got my brain moving.

I heartily recommend working with Debbi and know I will continue to work with her.

9th March 2020


Feedback, Editing and Critique

Many thanks for looking over my work and providing honest and constructive feedback, it is highly appreciated. 


I was concerned that the info dump and name dropping could be a little bewildering so I'm glad that you pointed this out. You also provided me with a lot of insight that I didn't take into account. 


The advice you gave about information in an epilogue being redundant if it will be explored elsewhere in the novel has been especially helpful. 


Again, your advice has been invaluable, and I am glad that you have provided your honest take on structural elements that I would not have considered. 

11th February 2020


Feedback, Editing and Critique

I am new to writing flash fiction and rather ambitiously and blindly decided to start on a project to write a novella in flash on a topic close to my heart. I was very lucky to find Debbi to provide feedback, not just in a timely and sensitive manner to keep me motivated, also in a way which has left me in no doubt I want to continue to work with Debbi on my project to make it as good as it can be going forward. She provided just the right level of feedback and suggestions to absorb and to take forward to the next level. Debbi is a safe pair of hands; experienced, mature and encouraging.

27th January 2020


Feedback, Editing and Critique

I contacted Debbi to help me polish an excerpt of my novel to submit to three competitions. The time was tight, but even so, Debbi came through with thoughtful, insightful edits. She was very communicative with me throughout the whole process, which I appreciated. It showed me that she brought all of her attention to my work, and for that I'm incredibly grateful. This was the first time I'd worked with her, but it definitely won't be the last.

25th November 2019


Online Workshop

I have just completed a Novella in Flash workshop with Debbi which she tailored specifically to accommodate me as I am deaf and cannot work in a group or on Skype. It was a really inspirational time as Debbi produced so many ideas for me to try and also critiqued my own thoughts in the nicest, kindest possible way. She made me feel that I could definitely go forward with the ideas which were produced in the workshop. Not only that, but she convinced me that she is genuinely interested in seeing how my writing progresses and where it takes the concepts we discussed. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who is considering having a go at a Novella in Flash, especially those who need to work in an individual environment. I shall be looking forward to working with Debbi again when I have managed to get the ideas she inspired me to use more formulated.

6th August 2019


Online Workshop

I would highly recommend Debbi's online workshops. I have recently completed the 'Emotional Writing Workshop' and it was so inspiring not only from analysing an excellent emotional piece of writing but also in providing me with techniques and pointers on how to do this myself. Highly motivating and so convenient for me to be able to complete the workshop from home. I will definitely be booking further workshops! Thank you Debbi!

10th June 2019


Facebook Prompt Group

Debbi Voisey’s ‘DublinWriter Prompt Group’ on fb, is the best kept secret in flash fiction (‘ooops!’) – the group is kept small, and this is its charm and magic! Debbi is there at every turn with insightful comments, specific suggestions, and genuine encouragement, on how you might improve your flash piece, almost instantaneously as you press the submit button to post your WIPs, – Does the woman ever sleep?

9th June 2019


Facebook Prompt Group

I've been battling with health issues and writer's block since forever, Debbi's prompt workshop helped me bypass my panic and get over it. Her feedback is priceless, her support is everything. I got published in my dream publications such as Flash Back and Flash Frontier and Okay Donkey after doing her workshop. Debbi is the best mentor I've come across and her prompts (21!) are diverse and inspiring. The length and duration of the workshop (28 days) is just right to give one time to work on stories.

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