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Workshops available on video

All workshops are 2 hours in duration and are available to buy at £15. Send via PayPal (Friends and Family) to, via bank transfer to Account no 55033963 Sort Code 77-49-26 (Lloyds Bank) or otherwise  you will need to use the links below for USA or UK, and there is a small charge to be paid to account for the fees I am charged. When you pay, email me to let me know which video you want.

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Digging Down - Saturday 6th August 2022


With plenty of exercises and chat about digging deep and finding "diving boards" into your #stories to help you write more.

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What's Your Story Really About - Saturday 10th September 2022


Identifying themes, sub-themes, micro-themes, and finding the true heart of your story. From these realisations, you can open your idea up to create more than one story - ideal if you are working on a connected collection or a novella-in-flash.

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Finding the Right Voice - Saturday 1st October 2022


It's often hard to determine who exactly is telling your story. In this workshop we will experiment with tenses, POVs and tones, to find the right way into your story. If you are writing a collection, or a novella-in-flash, you can experiment and use several. 

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Nailing the Character - Sunday 22nd January 2023


Exercises to find out who your characters is, and tips to help give them depth and believability. Getting the character right cis an important part of engaging your reader.

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Breathless Prose - Thursday 23rd February 2023


Choosing the right words, and the right way to put them on the page to create impact and keep the reader thinking about them for a long time. We will read examples and create some beautiful prose of our own – including attempting a breathless paragraph.

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Creating Fiction from Fact - Saturday 8th July, 2023


It is said you should “write what you know” but that can be limiting. In this workshop we will be looking at ways you can turn a life experience into several stories, giving you a limitless resource of emotional impact. With exercises and plenty of time to write.


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