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Write Drunk, Edit Sober (In Your Own Time)


I have talked to so many people about doing this, and everyone said it is a great idea, so let's do it!  


Let's have a bit of fun! Get together to socialise for the first hour, with the beverage of your choice, and chat about writing, life etc. In the second hour we will have a writing session with prompt. Could be slightly adult in theme (nothing hard core!), could be just silly! We will let the evening dictate itself. These sessions promise to be FABULOUS!

Just £10 for the two hour session, including at least one fun, freaky, or fabulous (or all of the aforementioned!) prompt, so we can test the limits of our imaginations when we are "under the influence" as it were.  What could possibly go wrong??

We should have time to hear people share if they wish, and we will have a laugh if nothing else. It is not compulsory to drink alcohol and we won't judge you if you don't judge us, LOL. These sessions are just a place to let our hair down and have a laugh, regardless of how you do it.

Below are all the dates and themes for 2023, all from 8pm until 10pm UK (check your time if in USA or elsewhere). As you can see, the themes are sometimes out there... Whacky is often the word, but fun is ALWAYS the other. Please spread the word among your like-minded writer friends so we can make these really amazing spaces.

Saturday 7th January - New Year, New Goals Edition

Saturday 4th February - The Month of Love Edition

Saturday 4th March - The Month of Women Edition

Saturday 1st April - April Fools Edition

Saturday 29th April - National Dance Day Edition

Saturday 27th May - Laughter and Tea Edition

Saturday 24th June - Summer Solstice Edition

Saturday 22nd July - Lounging in Hammocks Edition

Saturday 26th August - Beach Edition

Saturday 16th September - Guacamole Edition

Saturday 14th October - Slipping Standards Edition

Saturday 11th November - Paying Respects Edition

Saturday 9th December - Donny Osmond Edition

When paying for your place, please email me after to let me know which date you are booking for. A Zoom link will be sent to you a day or two before the session. Please read carefully below all the paying instructions for various methods.

I look forward to welcoming you.

Preferred Payment which will save you money is by using a PayPal account and paying £10 sterling to (You need to select Pay Friends and Family and NOT Goods and Services).

If you do not have a PayPal Account (and this is really easy to set up), you can use online banking and send £10 to Account no 55033963 Sort Code 77-49-26 (Lloyds Bank - Debra Voisey) or otherwise will need to use the links below for USA or UK, and there is a small charge to be paid to account for the fees I am charged.

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