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A Flying Visit to Dublin

As if I had had enough excitement over the previous two weeks, on 19th June, barely one week after I got back from Croatia, I was off on my travels again... this time to Dublin. It had been a very last minute thing and I had actually booked it while I was away in Croatia. My close friend of many years, Paddy, was visiting his home town for a couple of weeks, and the timing was perfect for me to pop over to see him. He lives in North Carolina - has done for nearly 30 years now - but I met him through our mutual love of U2 in the heady days of 1993 when we both happened to be visiting Dublin at the same time and checking out U2's old studio there. We try to see each other whenever we can. He came to my 50th birthday celebration in the states when I was visiting other friends there, and he has been to Manchester to see me. Most of our meetings, though, have been in Dublin. I don't really need an excuse to go there as it is my second home - but I jumped at this chance to see my beloved city again.

As it was just a brief visit, I did not get the chance to see much of Dublin. It was just nice to catch up with an old friend, and to have some laughs and (many) drinks.

In this picture, I am enjoying a pint of my favourite craft beer - Brew Dog Punk IPA - which I discovered to my delight was on offer in a pub in the centre of town. Happy Days!!

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