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Monday Musings - Every Word Counts

I think I am finally getting my mojo back to what it used to be. I have not been able to settle to anything for quite a while, and have been a little haphazard with my submitting to say the least. This was brought home to me last week when a publisher I sent something to told me that some submissions had gone missing due to some computer error and could I send my story again. I was embarrassed to admit that I couldn’t remember what I had sent. I had fallen very behind with my spreadsheet. Luckily the publisher had the title, if not the story, so I could resend. Lesson learned! Get my act together, ha ha!

Today I have written quite a few new words – three new chapters for my Novella in Flash. It’s always such a great feeling when that happens. I’ve even submitted my previous novella to a publisher, so that’s kind of exciting too. Fingers crossed.

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