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Monday Musings - Getting Back Into It

It’s been a long time since I posted anything on this blog. Without going into all the nitty gritty, I have had a pretty shit 18 months, and I’m just trying to pull myself up and out of what is a rough time. My writing mojo disappeared and I need to get that back. It’s slowly happening, so expect to see regular posts on here again.

It’s funny how I can give all my attention to the writing of others, in my workshops and prompt groups, but not to my own writing. It’s so much easier, but it’s about time I got back to my own as well. I need to send out some submissions, so have tasked myself with writing something new every day, even if it is just a rambling mass of words. It’s important to get some words down, no matter what.

If you feel you need to get some discipline and structure back to your writing, consider joining in with my next Facebook Prompt Group, which is due to start on Monday 20th July. I post 3 prompts a day for the first week, and then a further 5 in the final week (one per day Monday to Friday which ask for just 50 words of spontaneous rambling!).

The link for the group is here, and it is just £20 for 4 weeks and up to 26 potential new pieces of writing. You get feedback and encouragement from me and other members of the group, and can get as involved as you like. Hope to see you. Until my next post…

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