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Lockdown Shakedown #2

On Thursday 1st October I welcomed 10 more writers to the second of my Lockdown Shakedowns. I did my first in May, when we were new to being locked down due to Coronavirus. I wanted to shake things up and get us all socialising at a time when some people had not seen anyone else for weeks. And what better reason to get together than to hear some great stories and poems. Two of the audience then (who were here again on Thursday) said it was so great to see people again and to take part in something fun, so I reckoned the evening did what I intended.

At Thursday’s event, my readers were: Andy Larter, Ali Thurm, Annie Bien, Carol Forrester, Dianne Beeaff, Jeff Pollak, K A Fox, Onyinyechi Obieze, Stephen Tuffin, and Valerie Griffin. Such a wonderfully diverse group of fiction writers and poets who delivered an interesting variety of pieces to us. I enjoyed them all. Thank you so much to all the readers who made a great job of entertaining us.

Zoom is a little daunting for some people who are not really familiar with using such technology in their everyday lives. If you don’t use it at work, it’s alien to you. And conversely, if you use it at work all day, you feel burned out and probably don’t want to use it in your spare time.

But times have changed, and sadly they dictate that we either use this technology, or we end up not mixing and not being involved in the things we enjoy. And I can safely say there is nothing corporate about my Zoom events. No one has to know all the bells and whistles about Zoom, or has to speak or even show their face if they don’t want to. You just click the link, sit back, and enjoy the show and all the banter. Of course, you are welcome to join in if you wish, but no one thinks anything of it if you have your mic on mute and your video switched off so we can’t see you.

I will be hosting more of these Shakedowns, so if you would like to be involved or would like to be on the mailing list for my newsletter that keeps you up to date with all that is happening, please email me at


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