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Wednesday Witterings - Almost There

My holiday is drawing ever closer. Just two weeks of work left and then I can take a deep breath and relax. Before I go I have my parents’ birthdays this Saturday. It will be the first time in all their married life that they have spent their birthday night apart. They were born on the same day two years apart and my dad will be 78 and my mum 80. We have a little something planned at my dad’s care home during the day, and then we are going out with mum in the evening. Just us kids and our partners. It will be bittersweet, no doubt.

This is a picture of dad from his 70th, 8 years ago. It's hard to see him how he was then, and compare it with how he is now. I wish I could believe he remembered this lovely evening, when everything was okay... little did we know what was coming.

Next week I have a funeral to go to. My 52 year old cousin who was taken suddenly and too soon, before anyone could really take it in. It’s times like these that you learn to appreciate those around you that you love.

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