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Wednesday Witterings - Blessings

One positive thing that lockdown has brought me is the opportunity to do my writing workshops online, and people are able to come to them who have not been able to make it to my live ones. Now, it’s not restricted to local people and that’s great. I’ve had people from Newcastle upon Tyne and Liverpool among others, which is brilliant. If you want to join me at one of my Zooms, the next two are listed here. The next one is actually Sunday 19th at 2pm, and then the next one is my usual Saturday at 10.30 – that one being 22nd August. I would love to welcome you to a session. We are a friendly bunch and we always get lots of writing done. I have amended my prices to £15 for a 2 hour workshop.

I am looking at getting some guest writers’ posts on this blog soon, so keep an eye out for these. Not only will that help keep me and my blog on our toes, it will bring more writers to you and more traffic to their various blogs and social media through links etc.

I have quite a few books to read which were written by friends, and I fully intend to review them both here and in all the usual places. Book reviews are so important.

Please drop the titles of your favourite reads in the comments box below.

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