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New Beginnings

This time last year I was reading this missive from one of my heroes, Bono. After his pretty horrific cycling accident in Central Park and laid up under a strict “no public appearances” regime, he had a lot of time on his hands to reflect on the whole of his 2014 and to write about all the things, people, places and ideals that meant so much to him and why. It is quite a long read, but anyone who knows anything about Bono will know that a peek inside the working cogs of his mind is a very privileged thing. Along with this A to Z of his year, he wrote some songs, which every U2 fan is champing at the bit to hear.

I have not had any such accident (knock on wood) but I think it is time that I placed myself under a similar house arrest and try to get something down and onto my website, which I have sadly neglected for far too long. Short story competitions, work and life always seem to get in the way, so I need to break out of my self-induced time warp of never-ending new characters and plots, and start to focus on the bigger picture, i.e. getting my current novel finished and homed, and maybe even finding a place for my previous novel.

You may remember that I had a novel with an agent, who had it for a very long time and eventually decided to decline. It was a blow, but I decided to put that on ice for a while and concentrate on my new novel. It isn’t that my first novel was not good, but it needs a bit of tweaking and I didn’t have the energy or inclination to tweak it then. Maybe I will dust it off soon.

At the moment, my imagination and enthusiasm is caught up with novel #2, and it is this one that I will keep you updated with the progress of, with maybe a bit of #1 thrown in if I relight the fire under that one. I will also be posting about other writing related events and stuff that is going on day to day that might interest other writers out there.

I would love to hear your writing stories and hear about your endeavours to get your works published. Please do not be shy! Email me using the email link of the “About” tab above, or you can leave a comment at the end of any of my posts. If you email, let me know if you are happy to allow me to use some or all of it on my site.

A happy New Year to you all and please check back regularly as this site will be updated often.

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