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Launching My New Venture

It's been a while since my last post but I have certainly not been idle.  Behind the scenes there has been a lot going on with my writing.  I am working on a new Novella in Flash and also trying to get my first one out into the world.  I also had my novel assessed and got some great editing feedback (of which more another time), so I will be working on that with a view to submitting it afresh next year.

But the main thing that I have been working on is launching my new business venture - DublinWriter Creative Writing Services.  I have worked on it for the past several months and finally feel as though I am beginning to make progress.  I have my first 3 workshops selling, and also have bookings for my first Facebook Prompt group.  The best way for you to see what I am up to, and what I am aiming to do is to click on the menu tabs under "DublinWriter Creative Writing Services" on the above menu bar, and you will find all the details you will need.

I think I have set my prices fairly and competitively and I am really looking forward to passing on some of my passion for writing to people in Stoke and also places further afield (through my FB groups and one on one video workshops for those who can't make it in person and prefer to work from their own home).

I know that new businesses take a while to get off the ground, so I hope that some of you will avail of my services and help me to gain some feedback and reviews.

I look forward too working with you.

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