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Wednesday Witterings - Bristol Bound

The week is moving on and I find myself on hump day as busy as always. I am only working three days this week because of my weekend jaunt to Bristol. Ten women (who flash!) are getting together at Trinity College, as we did last year, and hopefully doing some work but certainly a lot of chatting. We do actually have a timetable worked out, and will be doing workshops, which some of us have volunteered to facilitate in turn.

One of the things we decided to do was to each send a flash fiction to everyone else, so we can all read them ahead of our weekend, and then we will be doing critique sessions. I am excited about this because there are some pretty amazing flash writers in the group and having their input and opinions will be invaluable. So… this week before I go I will be mostly reading and making notes so that I can offer more than just inane babbling.

What’s keeping you busy this week? Comment below if you like. I would love to hear.

Below: the beautiful Trinity College where we will be staying for two nights.

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