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Monday Musings - Women Who Flash Weekend

I’ve just come back from a fabulous writing weekend in Bristol where I spent some quality writing (and social) time with some of the best female flashers in the UK. You may well think I am biased about this, but you’d be hard pressed to find a longlist, shortlist, or winning table in flash fiction without at least one of the names on it.

Women Who Flash was born last year, with some 18 or so stellar names involved (some of whom sadly could not make it this year and who were very much missed), and we returned to the same venue (Trinity College, Bristol) this year. Like last year, we had some structure in that we planned workshop slots, but we were flexible and adaptable with what we did when. The main thing was that we had some structure though, because the whole idea of coming was to write, to learn from each other and to pass on wisdom and skills.

Some of us hosted workshops, which elicited a lot of writing. One of the sessions was an hour of intense scribbling using all manner of weird and wonderful prompts. It was not for the faint hearted but it was incredibly productive. Thanks so much to Ingrid Jendrzejewski for that one! She is an amazing teacher! Other workshops from Damhnait Monaghan (who is going to ensure we at least try to achieve some goals this year!), Alison Woodhouse, Jeanette Sheppard and Anita Goveas were productive also.

All too soon the weekend was over, but I have come away from it with so many notes and a clear idea of the direction I want to move in. So watch this space as I start to implement all those ideas, notes and scribbles.

What 3 goals would you like to achieve this year? They don’t have to be writing related, but I would love to hear them. Let me know in the comments below.

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