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Wednesday Witterings - Business as Usual

Just two days after you are back from a blissful weekend of doing what you love to do, with other like-minded people, you start to feel like you never went away. Although I would love to write for a living, my bills have other ideas and necessity dictates that - for the moment – I go to work 4 days a week at a company that pays me! So I went back today and immediately got back into the thick of it. It’s hard when your head is full of new story ideas to deal with unpacking stationery and doing admin on something other than a submissions spreadsheet! But I battle on.

I am slowly getting my website updated: listing my workshops etc. I hope to be doing some One to One Video Workshops soon, just as soon as the word spreads. It makes sense because it means anyone can do them without leaving their house, and it is definitely an avenue I want to go down. If you know anyone who would like to take a workshop from the comfort of their own home, please pass on my website address to them, or share on Facebook, because I need all the help I can get. All the workshops I do are listed under the DublinWriter Creative Writing Services tab.

That’s all for now. My Facebook Prompt Group is all set up for this month (if you want to join in this month’s, click on the tab in the menu for details and booking – there is still time to book until Sunday) and I can move on to the next item on my ever-growing to do list.

So, this week I will mostly be sitting at this desk getting on with business as usual.

What are your goals for this week?

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