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Friday Focus - Onwards

Another mega busy week is drawing to a close. I can’t believe we are a quarter of the way through the year already. There is so much to think about, and so much that I want to do.

When we were at the Women Who Flash weekend, one of our workshops was about goals, and writer Damhnait Monaghan asked us to write on a postcard 3 goals that we wanted to achieve by October this year. Then she got us to address them to ourselves and give them back to her. She will – at some point in the year when we have forgotten about it, and when there is still some time to go – post them to us so that we can have a little reminder from ourselves to keep us focussed. I think it is a lovely and quite brilliant idea.

More immediately I have my workshop tomorrow. This time it is all about short stories, which is a form I moved away from a little as I got totally addicted to flash fiction. I love them both, but short stories will always be in my heart, so this Saturday I am going to be talking about the structure and elements of a short story.

But as for those long term goals that Damhnait made me think about last weekend, well - the novel, which was always my first love! I need to get that finished. Two of them actually. And three novellas in flash. Plus my workshops and Facebook Groups and all the million and one things in between – City Voices things (including an exciting morning with Lisa Blower planned!) travelling, family stuff, life.

So my focus for this weekend is PLANNING!

What is your focus this weekend, and what three things do you want to achieve this year? Tell me in the comments below, and have a fab weekend.

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