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Monday Musings - Taking it to the Next Level

I just had a Facebook message from a friend who is reading “Writing Magazine” and saw my ad (pictured here). I took the plunge the other week and decided to take one out. It is not cheap – at least not for this small business which is just pulling in extra pocket money at the moment – but I reckoned it would be worth the investment to see how much business it actually brings in. It’s very exciting to think that people are reading the magazine and seeing this, but only time will tell if it is going to be worth it.

I am excited about 2019. Already I have so much lined up on a personal and writing level. Little by little I am nudging DublinWriter Creative Writing Services on. The aim is to expand the online portion of my business, with the Facebook Group and Video Workshops, that will benefit people further afield than my home town.

Of course, the ultimate aim is to bring in enough money that I can retire and write full time, because these bloody novels are not going to write, edit and submit themselves. That’s the dream. I don’t know if that will ever happen, but each day and each moment I am moving closer to it, with great reviews about what I am doing so far, which is incredibly heart-warming and encouraging. And the main thing, of course, is that I am enjoying every minute of it. I absolutely love giving workshops. I always worry that I won’t be able to fill the two hours with anything of use (imposter syndrome maybe?), but when I start talking I find those words and I can feel my passion for writing spilling out! I just love that people are going away happy. That’s the very least I can hope for, and long may it continue. It might not make me rich, but it’s making me happy, and that is more important.

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