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Wednesday Witterings - The Magical Seven Weeks

This week the sun has been shining a bit, and when I awoke on Monday I heard the blackbird singing in the street for the first time this year. This is what I always wait for, and what cheers me and makes me excited about the coming year and the summer – which is my favourite season. I am always happiest when the weather is hot.

So of course my thoughts are turning to summer holidays and the trips that I am lucky enough to have planned. The first one is a battery-charging holiday in Morocco. It’s not too long for that. Whenever we (hubby and I) count down to our holidays, we always love when we get to the 7 week to go stage, because after that it seems to come in a flash! I am looking forward to the rest, but I am sure that there will be plenty of writing going on too. I have too much to do to sit still without writing something for too long.

But of course before holiday season I have a lot of things to do – some with City Voices Writing Group and some with my workshops. On Friday I will tell you what I am up to this Saturday, celebrating the life of a local hero who died 125 years ago in the act of saving someone’s life.

Enjoy the rest of your week and please comment telling me about your own summer plans, or how you are feeling now that spring seems to be well and truly in the air. Scroll down a little for the comments box.

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