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Friday Focus - Busy Weekend

Another week is coming to a close – time is just whizzing by. As always, I am using Friday as a focus on work and all the jobs in hand. Tomorrow I am hosting an event at Hanley Library, as Chair of City Voices, to launch Lisa Blower’s first collection of short stories, wonderfully titled “It’s Gone Dark Over Bill’s Mother’s”. This title comes from a saying that goes back years in this neck of the woods (Lisa is a born and bred Stoke girl like me) and it means the sky has gone black and the weather is suspect! I can’t wait to hear Lisa read some of the stories. Afterwards there is going to be a Q&A, and with most of the audience being locals too I am sure that there will be lots of interesting questions.

The rest of the weekend will be taken up with working on my novel and my novella in flash. My goal is to get both of them out into the world by October. Certainly my novella in flash will be ready much sooner.

I hope you all have a very productive weekend yourselves. Please tell me about the plans you have.

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