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Wednesday Witterings - Picking Up the Pace

My writing life is definitely a series of hills and valleys. I’ve had a few rejections and passes lately, but certainly, the quality of the rejections I get these days is better than it used to be. Now, the rejection of my work involves discussion, and advice, and regret. Not the flat “No” that I used to get. As well as improving with my story and flash writing, I also know a lot more about how it all works out there. How difficult it often is for an editor or a reader, and I don’t take it personally any more.

My creative writing business is starting to pick up a little. My workshops are always fun and productive. Not always a lot of people there – although sometimes there is! – but always well received by those that are. At my workshops on Saturday I had them write a piece for this week’s Ad Hoc Fiction. The prompt word was “Hermit” so we talked about flashes, got the ball rolling with a freewrite to think about the character, theme and story, and then wrote it. Two of the class rose to the challenge of submitting their flash and both are on the longlist. You can read it here and hopefully you will vote for one or both of them.

People are starting to get acceptances for pieces they created in my Facebook Prompt Group too, in well respected journals, so that is thrilling too. It’s great to motivate people and to get them writing more. It’s what it is all about.

My Facebook Prompt Group page, if you want to join in next month’s is here

My page for online workshops, where I provide video workshops on the platform of your choice, is here

And my live workshops, if you life in Stoke or are willing to pop along on the train, is here

Enjoy the rest of your week.

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